Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra side effects

It seems that not a day passes when I don’t see a commercial for erectile dysfunction. And of course, people always think about Viagra, whereas Viagra for many people causes all kinds of unhealthy side effects. I was doing some testing on Chinese herbs and found out that I had lost about 20% of my vision, and had it analyzed, and found out that it was the Viagra that did it.

Many years ago I also saw one show, where they demonstrated a man, who gone completely blind having taken Viagra. Because Viagra messes with the plumbing of your body, it messes with the circulation of blood in your body. And simply if you’re putting too much blood down south, you may not get enough blood to your eyes, and you actually have a cell degeneration that can occur. That’s my simple explanation for it, there’s no more complex one, but it certainly makes sense to me. So I know just from the point of view of keeping your vision vital, Viagra, in my opinion, is not a good thing to do.

It also doesn’t actually enhance your body’s natural ability to function in a sexual way; it just interferes with the plumbing, allows more to be held down south than up, it can also be dangerous for somebody’s circulation to the heart. I just would stay away from Viagra, and people casually take it, and then, you know, people getting a heart attack at 55-60 years old, that is what’s this about. You just don’t know all the contributing factors. But I have to say I have friends, who in their seventies use Viagra, and they started having sex again, because they had erectile dysfunction; and I don’t know how long they’re going to live, but for sure, the last years of their life is going to be much happier, without a doubt about that.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Now having said all that, would it be great there was a natural way to do it, which didn’t have any negative side effects? That’s my point. Let’s look at the positive way of having no side effects. Also, by the way, one aspect of erectile dysfunction is not being able to get an erection, another one is losing erection by ejaculating in before you’re ready; this is premature ejaculation. There’s a treatment that they promise, they’ll fix it, actually put a little needle, they stick a little chemical into your penis, and it stays for three hours. It’s awful. And you are able not to ejaculate a long time, and you still got your penis erect, and it’s awful.

So this kind of treatments is so unnatural when people for thousands of years have addressed these issues. Because of the most important thing for your health, if you’re a man, is the ability to have an erection in the morning. Now that may sound so bizarre, but in all cultures, it was known, virility, vitality, and men had to do with their erections. And even if you get old, you lose an erection: you’re not healthy. People, who maintain those erections every day, are healthier.

Now, why would that be? Because there are so many functions in the body, that have to do with healthy testosterone levels in a man. A man needs at least 30 times more testosterone than a woman. When his testosterone level starts dropping, his estrogen levels get higher, estrogen starts putting fat on his belly, fat on his belly starts putting up free radical damage to his veins, and he has a heart attack.  This is the number one risk factor for heart disease – is low testosterone in men. And the average male at 40 years old, the testosterone levels have already significantly dropped. The average male at 50 years old had half the testosterone he had when he was a young man.

These are averages. It’s not me; I have more than I had in my thirties now because I used some herbs that help stimulate that. And why do I even need herbs, because I live in an environment, which is filled with estrogens, and that estrogen environment gets into your body through the water we drink, the food we eat, the meat we eat, and so forth? With all the extra estrogen in our body, it sends a message to the brain, and the brain stops making testosterone. And it’s that testosterone to give you that erection. That’s the whole key to it. That will give you the health.

And I’m not saying “take testosterone,” oh my God, not, I’m not saying that. As soon as you take testosterone, that’s a dangerous steroid that causes your body to break down. Ten years later you’re in pain; you don’t know “why my pain” because you took testosterone. Yeah, you feel good, some men feel good right away. If I only had five years to live and I didn’t have an alternative, I will take it too.

But there’s a natural way to do with no side effects, and you live longer. Research shows that men, who have sex three times a week, live 10 years longer. Now, why they are having sex three times a week, they have a partner, but no, they want it, they feel that testosterone. And I’m not saying that they have testosterone three times a week, or sex three times a week, what I’m saying is you should be able to have sex three times a week, you should have that erection, it should be happening, and it should be happening in the presence of a woman, and ideally it should be a woman that you know. Much easier to get an erection with a woman you don’t know or even more so with pornography, but those are all symptoms of low testosterone, is when you need to have somebody you don’t know to get turned on, that’s not a good thing. The good thing is when you can actually know someone, and then you still get turned on, you still get erections and so forth, that’s a sign of healthy testosterone levels.

Tips To last Longer In Bed

Today I will tell you how to last longer in bed. Most men experience premature ejaculation every once in a while. So, again, this is a normal thing, most men do this. It could be disheartening for a lot of men because you want to go in, and you want to be viral, you want to give that pleasure to partner, you want to see the legs shaking, but you can’t do that if you’re coming too soon. So let’s look at ways that we can prevent that from happening.

A couple of really easy, really quick ways that you can do, number one – condoms. There is certain kind of the ribbed, certain kind of that are thicker than others, and so those things make desensitize the penis a little bit more. You can choose to use that, in order to see, if you can last longer with them.

Also, there is the throwaway orgasm, meaning that if you know, that you’re about to have the sexual thrust of sorts, you can masturbate, cum, but that period of time, that’s going to take for you to cum, the next time will be a lot longer. So that’s another thing that you can try.

Also, there’s numbing cream. That’s a weird one, you can try that, but if you numb your penis with numbing cream, you’re going obviously numb your partner too. Not cool.

Alright, so those are three quick ways, which you can prevent yourself from cumming too early. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you a couple of methods, that will be useful to you, especially for those men, who even, despite all those things, you are still cumming too soon. And it’s so often to the point, where it is troubling to you.

Now for the start/stop method for men, who are having ejaculatory issues. This is a therapy, so you want to do this a number of times, you’re not going just to do it once and then all of a sudden, everything’s going to be macro miraculously. You have to work at this a little bit. So what you’re going to do is you are going to stroke your penis. So you are going masturbate into you are almost to orgasm. And then before you get there. If you’re talking about the scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means “I’m not sexually aroused all,” and 10 means “I’m going to cum,” I want you to be in around like 6 or so.

This is something that you can do on your own, but it would be great because a lot of ejaculatory issued that men have are when they have it with their partners. Ok, so it will be great if your partner could be the person helping you with this assignment. Again, you going to stroke until you get to that number when you’re almost there, and then when you’re almost there, what you’re going to do is you want to position your fingers like this and squeeze. Now your penis is not going to break off. I want you to position your fingers right underneath the head of the penis, your 2 first fingers, and then your thumb right here under the corona of the penis. So you just squeeze.

What that’s going to do is, it’s going to take it, because there’s blood in your penis, right, so that’s going to take it down a little bit, it’s going to make it to as not as erect. And then once it goes down, you feel like you’re back your numbers back down, then you’re going to stroke again. Do that at least three times. Each time it gets to that point, you’re going to have your partner squeeze. And communicate with them, let them know squeeze, or you can do it yourself obviously.

Get a firm grip with your fingers; you’re not going to hurt the penis. You want to do that about three times and then allow that person to cum. So you want to do that a couple of times a week, at least just train your body, because that’s what you are doing, all this stuff, all this is muscular, all of this stuff is mental. And so, you know, you definitely want to do that a couple of times, and after a while, you’ll find that she will be a little bit closer to where you want to be by way of lasting longer.

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